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My Impending Clockday Flash

2007-08-07 06:10:59 by SensuClock

Essence of Murder/Who framed LeekClock?

I have to decide between those two titles.

Anyways, here are some high resolution screen shots: /marley577/EssanceOfMurderScreenShot.p ng /marley577/EssanceOfMurderScreenShot2.

Plot: LeekClock is arrested for a murder he claims he didn't commit. A detective finds clues that only ask more questions. But when he finds the real killer, can he turn him in?

My Impending Clockday Flash


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2007-08-07 11:34:52

that leek looks familar... very sexy, but familiar. have you used a similar .fla before? :X

also... WOOOOO, clock day is almost here ^_^


2007-08-09 03:14:03

Looking forward to it whooo!

Also, I have edited my news post just for you. <3


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